Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Land of High-Rise Doggies

The Mr and I have been shacking up lately downtown to dog-sit for a friend.  This friend lives in a section of downtown that is quite remarkable.  According to the Mr not much of it existed just four years ago.  Now it is block after block of luxury high-rise condominiums.  Cafes, pizza joints, and fro-yo shops sprout on each block unexpectedly and delightfully each week.  

There is an eery unnatural hum in the air in the mornings when I take Jessie for her am walk.  Not filled with sounds of people talking or birds chirping, as it sounds On The Mountain (where we normally live).  It is the sounds of pressurized hoses spraying clean the sidewalks and astroturf grassy patches.  It is the sounds of construction of yet another high rise.  Occasionally broken by the sound of the trolley arriving to cart the very few public transportation users on a journey to a few choice locations in this sprawling city.

I take Jessie down the street to Petco Park where the Padres play ML baseball.  It is an enormous stadium, clean and modern.  During the day they allow pet owners to bring leashed dogs in to play in the park within the park.  I see yet another pressurized hose spraying the actual grass this morning.  All in an attempt, I now realize, to avoid these piss-yellow burned grass circles in the lawn.  Everywhere I walk there are dogs: chihuahuas and other lap-sized dogs, some labs though not so many larger dogs.  Cute dogs, groomed, manicured, with hair ribbons, smiling, happy.  (Their humans seem pretty happy too.)  And wherever they go, there are pressurized hoses to keep it all so very sanitary.  And doggy bags can be found on most street corners for that which even a very strong hose couldn't dissipate.

The whole area reminds me of what North Point in Boston will feel like when it is all up and functioning.  This is an area of the city that never existed before a developer dreamed it and funded it and built it up.  There are a number of buildings set in a little planned out neighborhood with streets that make sense and ample parking below.  A shocking way of living to a New England city girl.

I have to say that although it is foreign, it is so nice!!!  What is not to love about luxury condo living?  Did I mention the ample parking?  Walking distance to all sorts of new restaurants and cafes as well as the pre-existing downtown spots.  A trolley that could take you somewhere you might want to go.  And pooches galore!  It's a nice place to stroll with a dog - parks abound, cafes have dog bones, you are assisted in clean up efforts and there's buddies all around for your Fido (or Jessie).  All under clear blue skies and mid-80s temperatures.  No wonder everyone is smiling!

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