Friday, July 11, 2008


The Mr and I are in talks about the actual honeymoon.  We had the mini-moon to Lubec, Maine for a few days right after the wedding.  We have the extended honeymoon time in San Diego where I play housewife and he gets a home-cooked meal and happy wife after work each evening.  So, you may be thinking we are getting greedy wanting a week-long honeymoon.  You might be right.

      We initially wanted to head up the Pacific Coast highway as far as we could.  Since we don't have a motorcycle (or the means to acquire one) and what with the fires, we decided to think tropical.  The word "Hawaii" is actually translated as "honeymoon destination" in English according to a free Internet translation website I found.  But, alas, airfares are extreme right now and they don't know how to translate "all-inclusive resort" to Hawaiian.  So everything is a la carte and, I'm afraid, not in the budget.

     So, we have decided that the most tropical, most all-inclusive, most best deal place we can find would be Puerto Vallarta.  Not bad!  White sand beaches, ocean-view hotel rooms, lots of food, drinks, and water activities.  One price.  We are planning not to leave the resort AT ALL.  Why should we?  Each resort has like 15 pools, 25 restaurants, half a dozen discos (I mean, come on, they call them discos!!!) , and little shops with postcards for our loved ones.  We might be too busy ordering coconut-shaped bevvies from the cabana-boy to write, though.

      We decided to go for it and get our passports.  Mine's expired, in my old name, and in a drawer in Boston.  Ben didn't have one.  I don't know how we managed to get all the pieces together but thanks to Mom B. and Dad S. and UPS and flexible appointments we saw Suzanne at the Midway Post Office's Passport counter earlier today.  She talked us into Passport Cards in addition to Passport Books and then we paid for express mail return of the passports.  I mean we almost blew the whole honeymoon budget with nice Ms. Suzanne!  (Who kept us for an extra 20 minutes or so to tell us about her animal rescue non-profit and why we should never even consider eating meat again.  I might not, actually.)

   We are considering three different resorts currently.  Here are the links, in case you are curious:

Golden Crown Paradise - in downtown PV
La Jolla de Mismaloya - just south of the downtown
Dreams - Conchas Chinas, out of town

Place your votes here!  We won't book until we get the express mail with those precious passports (in 2-4 weeks).  So let me know.  


Adrienne & Jon-Mychal Bowman said...

Hey Lisa,
It sounds like you are truly enjoying your stint as housewife supreme! And the honeymoon idea sounds awesome...didn't get a chance to check the links yet, though! xoxo, a

katschad said...

Be selfish for us - you guys need a week away! I vote for La Jolla de Mismaloya - they all look really nice but that one looks like the classiest to me.