Sunday, July 13, 2008


I am also a student this summer.  I'm taking an online course in School Finance as part of Principal School.  I thought it would be a breeze.  And it could be.  If I weren't such a darned over-achiever.  

But I'm also sometimes a lazy over-achiever and I'm kicking myself for taking hours away from my weekend time with the Mr in order to finish the latest assignment on time.  It was an 8 page paper but mine was 15 pages.  It was interesting, but not as interesting as hanging out at a friend's pool which we didn't get to do since I had a deadline.

No more.  I'm doing the next assignment early and during the work week.

So, it's not all fun and games up here OTM.  We might still have enough evening time to go light a fire, though.  Not arson, it's recreation.  Apparently they have these things called "fire pits" around here and you can go light fires in them.  The Mr brought some wood back from his work site and I'm going to see what this fire thing is all about.

By the way, we saw Wall-e on Friday night.  It was cute but formulaic.  The animation, though, was pretty incredible.  Just wondering what anyone else thought...


NLambertson said...

ok miss over-achiever - strike that, make that mrs over-achiever... ignore my comment on your facebook wall about teaching. Great blog.

If you ever do decide to drive up the coast, please come see Michael and I in Portland. We love to host and it's wonderful up there.

I am inspired to bring our blog up to date... someday:
Stay in touch Lisa!

Vicki said...

Dear Daughter,
I'm loving your blog. First thing I turned to when I reviewed the emails for the week. How wonderful to be reading about your lives in CA. We love you! Mom & Dad Schad