Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Aquarium at Scripps

Managing to wake up in the AM hours the Mr and I headed for a little sight-seeing in the city we will soon be leaving. Scripps is one of the oldest and largest institutions for oceanographic research. They have a cute little aquarium with tanks of local Pacific coastal creatures from Alaska through Mexico. We almost died in a shark attack - well not really. But we did see them getting fed in a tank. And we saw many creepy creatures - including sting rays, one little octopus and one giant red octopus, jellyfish, nettlefish (like jellies but orange and shaped like a nuclear mushroom cloud), and the super-creepiest of all: rock fish that blend in with the rocks and are absolutely deadly!

After we were thoroughly creeped out we went and ate at a local crepe shop. Yum.

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