Monday, August 25, 2008

Last of sightseeing in San Diego

Friday and Saturday found me and the Mr attending to some last minute sightseeing. He did save some of the best for last, I think. Midday we went in search of the secret insider beach at La Jolla Farms. Even though the Mr has been going here for four years, he still consulted the map to find it. That's how secret it is!

We found the last open parking spot in the neighborhood that hides this gem and ducked under a closed gate to get into the UCSD Biodiversity Trail. Walking along I tried to avoid rattlesnakes, lizards, and gophers. That occupied most of my lazy summer brain's thinking until the path brought us right to the edge of cliffs we estimated were 300 feet above "the best surfing in San Diego." The surfers were like little ants - little floating ants with ant surf boards. The waves were exactly how a surfer described to me a short time ago - blue corduroy. The Mr asked if I could see any naked people - there is a clothing optional beach about 600 feet into the distance (and 300 feet below). If they opted for no clothing it makes no difference at this distance. Not even arms and legs are visible.

It was stunning. Stunning. Just as we were about to leave a para-sailor came swooped in and glided past us on the cliff. He pulled a cord and floated up on a thermal away down the cliff top and out toward the sea. Then another pull - Swoosh! He was back in front of us again, so close we might be able to touch him if we tried. Back and forth - it was thrilling to watch.

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