Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Saving Almost the Best for Almost the Last

Later that evening, the Mr took me to the Hotel Del Coronado on the island of Coronado to witness yet another sunset over water. As the Mr tells it, the folks on Coronado are very proud of their island. You have to take a very long bridge up and over the bay to get there. Everything is just a little nicer, a little more manicured, a little cleaner, a little richer. I quite enjoyed it. But what I enjoyed more was the Hotel Del.

The View from the bridge looking back at downtown San Diego:

The Hotel Del - what's not to love???

We got there just in time to see the last sliver of sun disappear behind the clouds. No green flash for me (this time). The Mr and I had a very memorable conversation about life and location. We had the orange glow on our faces as we sat facing the west, looking out over water, land, and sky. We were in love, and married, and uncertain of our future. Wait - that's all still true! Well, it was romantic and wonderful. What a way to say good-bye to San Diego for the wife.

Later, upon exiting the hotel we managed to catch with the last of our camera's battery juice, a picture with a most strangely dressed man who claimed he was a psychic. I should have asked him, "What am I thinking right now?"

Interestingly, given our conversations, as much as I would like to know what the future holds for us, I did not feel tempted to ask this man with his claims to see the future. Need an explanation? Because (1) I know that the Lord knows and will reveal it in time - it is better to trust him in this, I know. (2) Look at this man's hair? Can I really take him seriously? His name is Gary! and (3) I honestly did not think to ask him such a thing. I know where my focus should be, strong and certain on the Lord. But do enjoy the picture (even though it's blurry)!

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