Saturday, August 16, 2008

Santa Barbara and then home

We spent the last of our California honeymoon in Santa Barbara. The city actually faces south to the coast - pretty unusual. It is not set into a cove and the ocean is expansive. We could see those off-shore drilling rigs in the distance from the pier. It is pretty windy out by the water, but refreshing in August.

We checked out the Courthouse which has beautiful European interior decorative touches - including painted ceilings and a huge mural room detailing the history of Santa Barbara over the centuries. At the top of it all is the tower and the stunning 360 degree views of the city.

Later we had some yummy sushi (from a female sushi chef - a first for me, and I've been told that the Japanese believe that women's body chemistry negatively affects the taste of the fish...hmmm?). After another lovely evening at The Storybook Inn we headed back down the coast through L.A. and back to TLN. It was good to be home.

On the pier in SB:

The direction we will both be traveling soon. Strangely from this point on the West Coast you must pass over the Pacific to go East.

My new friend

On the tower

In front of the loveliest little city on the coast

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