Saturday, August 9, 2008


There are many photos posted in our public gallery on Picasa. The link is at the bottom of this blog's page, for those who haven't reached their limit with pics of the newly-married California couple.

We just finished a very adventurous day driving north from Cambria to Big Sur. One word: Stunning!

The mister is a real trooper for keeping our little family safe as we drove windy roadways clinging to California mountainsides. There were times I shrieked - with irrational fear of the heights - and also when I spotted whales (WHALES!) in the waters below.

Our lunch was quite tasty (though one might say over-priced. we did pay for the view!) and we enjoyed ourselves from a supremely beautiful vantage point. The restaurant we stopped at was perched high on a point jutting out over the waters and looking back on several other rugged cliffs and the expansive Pacific. Truly a destination worthy of a honeymoon!

Love to you all from
The Honeymooners

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