Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Some of the Best, Some of the Last

This couple is Nate and Hope Peterson. They hosted us for our small group Missional Community on Tuesday nights. The Mr has known them for a number of years and counts them as dear friends. They are earnest and courageous in their love of God and their desire to share with others their faith and commitment to follow Christ. They have two of the loveliest children I have ever met: Kelia and Silas (I hope I spelled their names right!). And they have one more on the way. They have been so incredibly loving toward both of us and we pray for their continued ability to be such faithful ministers of the gospel.

The Mr really bonded with Si and we thought about stealing him away in my Mary Poppins handbag. But we didn't have a car seat. And we are not about to put children in harm's way! Hee. Well, anyway, my husband looks rather nice with a baby boy in his arms, so we'll have to speak to the Big Guy about that one.

We have been blessed by our community in San Diego and will miss them all so very much!

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